Saturday, November 26, 2011

Need Pics

Looking for more pics of the real family. If you know them or have updates please send us a tip.


  1. i grew up in the same town my sons father went to high school husband worked on the family car and i have delivered flowers to thrir home also when i was a child our baby sitter went to dr kleeners dr office wow right in our front yard

  2. I have read/watched many true crime novels and movies......THIS STORY BY FAR IS THE MOST HORENDOUS,SHOCKING AND HEARTBREAKING AS THEY COME.
    Susie and Fritz are the epitamy and true example of "EVIL".

  3. Jus watched this movie and I can't remember a time I have cried so hard! Those poor babies!! How you could anyone hate someone so much that you would murder your babies just to keep them from their father is beyond me. Pure EVIL and someone in her family should have intervened . I thought. It could not get any worse until I read this article on what they done to those boys...makes my heartache and tears start flowing again.

  4. I just saw this movie last night. It is awesome, horrendous, evil, sad, terrible. Acting was terrific! David Carradine was great as the father. I shouted out in disbelief when the van exploded. Why, why would someone do that with the innocent boys in the back seat. Susie and Fritz were 100% totally crazy. PURE EVIL!!!!! I can't believe people didn't intervene especially Susi Aunt the Judge. I cried for those poor children and father. He tried.

  5. I tried watching this film when it first aired in the 90's and due to the disturbing content, I couldn't get through the 1st hour. I saw it was on Lifetime about a week ago but I still couldn't watch it. I do enjoy watching/reading true stories but from what I read about this couple is the epitome of evil. I don't know if one day I'll get up the courage to watch the movie in full, it's just that crimes against children who are innocent victims just rubs me the wrong way.

  6. I have watched this move several times, still in disbelief because I can't believe someone could be so delusional that the would kill their own children and the kill their parents its beyond me

  7. This is horribly sad .... I kept thinking maybe they lived I didn't know it was a true story

  8. I just watched "bitter blood" I was too yonug to remember the case, but now know the horrid details, which are hard to believe are true. I grew up in NC & always had heard of the judge's reputation. And my worse feelings surround the FAMOUS & respectible Judge Sharp!!!!to hell with that! I have lost all my respect for her because she should have intervened!!! she saw things that concerned her but I am sure her own career was more important to her!!!! if the movie is accurate, she must have come from a very disfunctional family,with her Quack brother, his insane son, her sister, the mother of susie Lynch/Leary, who pyhsically abused sisie & never stood up to her. SO many people could have intervened!!!!

  9. I'm from Kentucky I guess I was too young to remember it but I just seen the movie and I CAN NOT believe this happened!!! My heart goes out to the boys and their father!!! It's so sad to see a father wanting to be a part of his kids lives and the crazy mother did everthing possible to keep him away!!!!!!

  10. I just watched the movie a few days ago as well (the same day as the person who previously posted.) If Mr. Lynch reads this, please, feel free to, contact me as my daughter was murdered as a child and I also was forced to watch as the flames engulfed her as you did your sons.

    Mr. Lynch, still all these years later, I need to be there for others who have shared a similar horror as I need to have others there for me.

    You followed the law and did what you were supposed to do and that was what I did as well.

    Although our stories are not exact, they had the same "temporary" ending because God has the final word in our horror and that is the reunification with our children "permanently."

    I'm sorry, Mr. Lynch, I'm, so, very, sorry for what you have to endure on this battleground of life but thank God he will wipe away our tears and erase our memories of horror when we get to our real home.

    I hope to hear from you but if I don't, just know there is another person out there who knows your story and will never cease praying for your heart, mind, spirit, health, and strength regardless of how many years pass as I know you understand why I say that.

    Love in Christ,

    Pastor Lisa

    To the world you might be one person but to one person you might be the world

    I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me saith the Lord ~ Philippians 4:13

    P.S. To all those who took the time to share your loving care to Mr. Lynch, I thank you for sharing your benevolence and my heart was also touched.

  11. Definitely blame the law for not intervening after Susie's parents death